On 13 July we hosted the “Mobility data decentralization leveraging Galileo and blockchain” webinar. During the session, our speakers discussed the viability of using data from Galileo and blockchain technology to create an Internet of mobility.

Due to the increasing population movements, the landscape of urban mobility is evolving faster than ever. The traditional options have now been extended to a wide range of new, flexible mobility services. The disconnected mobility we have traditionally seen on our streets now has to become more connected, accessible, and flexible.

This situation generates a high volume of geolocation data, which needs to be protected. In this context, blockchain can help build a decentralized infrastructure that will ensure the authenticity of the existing information. Additionally, Galileo ensures improved geopositioning, especially at street level, and provides superior authentication and integrity features.

If you want to discover more about this topic, the full webinar video is available here: