In the context of Molière’s Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) foundations, incentives to users and providers of mobility services are in place to attract more players to the network and encourage use of the blockchain platform.

To receive these incentives, every stakeholder needs to cryptographically sign the operations they perform and include a geo-location tag as appropriate. Linked to this, one of the use cases defined by the Molière consortium during 2022 was the Proof of Mobility Service (PoMS), which is developing a technology to prevent potential fraud associated to the receipt of tokens generated when a mobility service has been delivered.

Molière partners Iomob and OCTO Telematics, in collaboration with MEC Electric Car Sharing, are now in the process of demonstrating that the PoMS is a feasible, secure and reliable data sharing mechanism by developing a way to verify that mobility services are really being delivered.

In a nutshell, this use case is possible due to OCTO’s Galileo-enabled on-board units (OBUs) which have been already deployed in twenty vehicles of the carsharing company fleet in Barcelona.

The use case will collect data from OCTO’s OBUs deployed on MEC’s carsharing fleet during their rides. In parallel, MEC’s anonymised data of carsharing trips will also be collected and shared. The former will then be introduced in Molière’s MDM and the PoMS mechanism applied by Iomob.

Crosschecking the two sets of data will enable proof of concept of the mechanism in charge of detecting that rides are effectively delivered, and fraud in the acquisition of tokens is consequently prevented.



About MEC Electric Car Sharing

MEC Electric Car Sharing was born in 2018 in Barcelona, and is the first flexible car sharing service that offers a fully electric vehicle fleet. MEC’s added value is focused on providing an accessible supply of electric vehicles to the citizens of Barcelona and nearby populations, thereby promoting sustainable transport and providing a tangible benefit to society.

Easily available from specific car parking areas in Catalonia, MEC services can be quickly booked through their app which displays the closest available vehicle at the moment of booking. On a standing point, fast charge is included in their rental rate: users can travel the distance they choose without worrying about autonomy, since MEC informs them about the network of electric vehicle charging points that can be used for free before their trip begins, all for their peace of mind.